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GS 기종은 갱트리 타입으로서 크로스빔이 두개의 모터와 볼스크류로 양 컬럼 위로 이송되는 유럽형 기계이다. 타사보다 컬럼과 크로스빔이 튼튼하게 설계되어 급이송에도 흔들림과 진동이 매우 적어 안정된 가공을 하며 X축의 거리 공간이 적어 설치 장소를 축소할 수있는 장점이 있으며 테이블이 바닥에 고정되어 초 중량물에 관계없이 빠른 이송에도 정밀한 가공이 가능하다.

대형 기종임에도 분당 20m의 가공속도가 가능한 고속가공기이며 주축속도도 10,000, 15,000, 24,000rpm 을 선택해 고속 가공을 실현할 수 있는 첨단기술의 기계이며 3 + 2축, 또는 완전 동시 5축헤드를 선택사양으로 취할 수 있어 대형 5축 가공기의 면모를 완벽하게 갖춘 기계이다.

  • Combination of columns, bed, and table in one piece casting, the Pyramid type weight distribution by spindle, ran, cross beam and bed arrangement.
  • X-axis with dual direct-driven servo motor, plus dual linear scales can ensure positioning accuracy at high speed motion.
  • Z-axis is direct-driven, by servo motor prevents the error from indirect-driven between mechanisms, and decreases power consumption, and improves Z-axis motion performance efficiently.
  • Direct-driven spindle 10,000/15,000rpm, low noise, backlash, vibration and power consumption can ensure high work-piece surface accuracy after rapid cutting.
  • Low table height, closer operating zone, wider door width are convenient design for user.
  • Chain type chip conveyor (standard) is able to remove iron chips efficiently.
Model Units GS-1220 GS-1620 GS-2020 GS-2520 GS-3020
X axis mm 1,200 1,600 2,000 2,500 3,000
Y axis mm 2,000
Z axis mm 800 / 1,000 (opt.)
Table size mm 1200x2000 1600x2000 2000x2000 2,500 x 2,000 3000x2000
Maximal loading kg/m2 3,000
Spindle power(S1/S6) kW L:15 / 18.5 (Cont. /S6-40%)
Spindle Speed rpm Direct- driven spindle, 15,000
Spindle Taper - BBT-40
Cutting feed rate mm/min 1-24,000
Rapid traverse m/min XYZ:24/30(OPT.)
Positioning Accuracy(JIS-B6333) mm ±0.005/full travel
Repeatability(JIS-B6333) mm ±0.002
ATC Magazine capacity pcs 20T / 32T (opt.)
Gross weight kg 25,500 28,500 31,500 35,250 39,000
Standard Accessory & Function
  1. Fanuc 0i MF controller
  2. Direct-driven spindle 15,000rpm (40#)
  3. Z travel 800 mm
  4. Spindle cooler
  5. 20T tool magazine with arm type ATC
  6. Centralized auto lubrication system
  7. Independent lubrication oil collector for 3 axes
  8. Air blast through spindle
  9. Wash gun & pneumatic interface
  10. Cutting fluid cooling system
  11. Fully sheet metal guard (without top cover)
  12. Screw type chip conveyor on table sides
  13. Caterpillar type chip conveyor/coolant tank
  14. Heat exchanger
  15. Working lamp
  16. Program cycle end and alert signal lamp
  17. Movable manual pulse generator
  18. RJ45 interface
  19. Footswitch for tool clamping
  20. XYZ axis linear scale (Fagor)
  21. Auto power off function
  22. Spindle loading protection by software
  23. XYZ axis travel hard limits protection
  24. Foundation pads and bolts kits
  25. Adjustment tool and tool kits
  26. Z-axis retract function at power failure
  27. Thermal compensation system of Spindle
  28. Technical manuals(operation, maintenance manual and circuit diagram)
Optional Accessory & Function
  1. HEIDENHAIN TNC 620/640 Controllers
  2. Higher column:300 mm
  3. Z travel 1,000 mm
  4. Built-in spindle: 20,000/24,000rpm (HSK-A63); 10,000/12,000 (HSK-A100)
  5. Direct driven spindle: 10,000/12,000(50#)
  6. 32 tools magazine with arm type ATC
  7. Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
  8. Reserved interface for 4th axis
  9. CTS function:20 bar / 70 bar
  10. Spindle ring coolant nozzle
  11. Oil skimmer
  12. Oil mist cooling device
  13. Fully sheet metal guard (with top cover)
  14. Chip clean flushing device on table side grooves
  15. Blade type chip conveyor on table side
  16. Dual Belt Type Chip Conveyor/coolant tank
  17. Foot pad above chip groove
  18. Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  19. Chip cart
  20. Sub table
  21. XYZ-axis independent manual pulse generator
  22. Auto tool length measurement system
  23. Auto workpiece measurement system
  24. Transformer